How to Order a Concrete Pump

How to Order a Concrete Pump

What we need to know:

  • Your company's name
  • Jobsite Address
  • Type of concrete being placed (this will determine the pump and system size)
  • Concrete Supplier
  • Concrete Yardage
  • Concrete Delivery Time (pump usually arrives .5 hr before concrete)
  • Phone number of person ordering pump, jobsite contact, and anyone else we can communicate with to complete the job
  • Do you have a place to prime the pump? (A slurry mix is used and is typically done outside of the pour)
  • Do you have a place to wash out the pump at the end of the day?

What to Expect

  • Expect up to 1 yd of concrete left over in the pump.
  • We cannot washout into anything higher than 8 inches.
  • Please inquire about our environmentally sealed washout bags.
  • It is the customer's responsibility for removal of this concrete.
  • Order one extra yard to accommodate for what will be lost in the pump.

If ordering a trailer pump

  • What is the farthest distance of the pour from where the concrete delivery truck can sit?
  • The pipe is rigid except for the last few hoses. Do you need any elbows or special pipe?

If ordering a boom pump

Are there overhead obstructions?

  • Powerlines
  • Trees

What size boom do you need?

Is there safe access for the truck to get into the jobsite?

The customer assumes all liability and charges for any damages and removal of the pump if it becomes stuck.

Is there a flat area with stable ground to set the pump up on with enough space to accommodate the outriggers?

The pump cannot setup outside of 3 degrees from level.